The opportunity to write about borders in the concept of information system in the midst of Brexit and Trump’s wall is a great experience. This blog has taught me that borders do not have to be physical to exist, but can do so in a social, technological sense. Exploring the topic borders with information […]

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Borders – The literal sense

Borders are “part or edge of a surface or area that forms its outer boundary” (, 2019). From following our blog, you will see the different takes on borders we have discussed. Stemming from technological borders to organisational borders, we have gone beyond the border. However, how could we write a blog about borders, and […]

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Freedom of Speech on The Internet

Social Media is one of the most impactful mediums in the world right now. It has the power to connect people, aiding the spread of ideas and opinions. However, many see this as an opportunity to influence people’s views and therefore real-life outcomes such as elections. Most notably the Russians who allegedly helped Trump win […]

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Should Ireland wave goodbye to the UK travel agreement and join Schengen?

Removing internal EU borders, does it work for an island like Ireland?   The European Union is a single market and pretty much borderless. The Schengen Agreement opened the continent to allow free movement of people and goods across countries without customs or check points (Migration and Home Affairs – European Commission, 2019). For EU […]

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Amazon’s Irish Snub

  Last year Amazon opened its new state of the art office in Dublin, Ireland bringing its total number of employees on Irish soil to over 2500. Despite it’s presence here in Ireland, Irish customers of Amazon could be lead to think the company is oblivious to our very existence. As a regular shopper on […]

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