Meet the team



Stephen Moran

Stephen is a Computer Science and Business student from Dublin with a love for football, entrepreneurship and Terenure College. A fan of the Economist, he particularly enjoys reading about FinTech and the African economy. Going to college so near to the Liffey, peering across a border into the unknown is all too familiar for Stephen.




Aoife Kettle

Aoife studies Computer Science and Business and you’re likely to find her running away from her responsibilities on a treadmill. She favours the ‘softer’ side of business; language, social and organisational borders are her thing. With a name like a dropped scrabble board, the challenge of crossing dialect borders is all too familiar for Aoife (it’s Ee-fa).



Sinead McAleer

Sinead is a Computer Science and Business student with a love for sausage dogs and entrepreneurship. Having co-founded her own med-tech startup in 2017, Sinead has since gone on to become the Vice President of the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Sinead has seen the effects of land borders up close and personal for the last 21 years.




Casey McEntee

Casey is a Computer Science and Business student from Galway. She is a subscriber to the Financial Times, the Economist, and Netflix. Having the likes of “Border Patrol” and “Borders UK” as her favourited topics on the ‘myFT’ section of the Financial Times app, she has a keen interest in the relevancy and controversy of borders today.  




Darragh Masterson

Darragh is a Computer Science and Business student from Dublin, who is passionate about video games, music and sports. With a love for Liverpool and a hatred for their bordering neighbours he understands only too well how borders can divide people.